In the first few weeks of October 2018 I was tasked in creating a programme for the following day on Itchen radio with a group of people I have never worked with. During this we decided on the topic of Halloween and I talked about Halloween costumes for our main audience, mature teenagers.

My topic was costumes and without being specific on brands or shops I gave my piece on what people can do and relating it to trends of my age groups by referencing beauty bloggers and the Halloween make-up trends of this year and the previous years.

The presenter of the show chose to not script anything and because of this there was some worries entering the studio as to the layout of the show and where the placements of songs were going to be, because of this I had taken responsibility to create a last minute programme layout showing which songs were going to play when as well as who would speak in between them for their segments.

The main issue I faced in the creation of this programme was the people I was working with. Their styles of presenting was unknown to me and as this was my first programme working with them I had to find a flow between our presenting.

From this I have learned how to deal with last minute changes and being able to adjust to peoples preferences on their presentation of themselves whilst live and in the studio. After this I will make sure to take more control of each programme I am a part of so to get the outcome to be as good as I want it to be.