On October the 9th 2018 I visited Capital FM for work experience. I was brought into the studio and met Emily and Jono, who I had previously met at Itchen college when he visited for a talk. They both greeted me and explained the way they present together and how they find topics for discussion.

Capital FM is a station part of the conglomerate Global and it’s target audience is mainly young mainstream audiences from 10-29, because of this their discussion topics are mostly soft news gossip and celebrities personal lives. whilst I was their the topics they brought up in the large chunks of talking is Strictly come dancing gossip and an interview they did with one of the contestants on Love island. They would revisit those subjects several times during the show.

during the off-air time they would talk to me about how the controls work on the sound broad and how they record clips for later in the programme such as when they referenced a Shane Mendes  in their programme by playing one of his song by using office equipment. They did this in the studio during a few songs which was recorded on the soundboard and played on air a few times during the show and also asked me to record them doing it so to publish it on the Capital social media.

Another way they interacted with the audience is by shout-outs for people tweeting them during the broadcast. they would do shout-outs during smaller talk sessions in between songs and it was so to let other audience members relate to other peoples feelings towards the broadcast as it was occurring and encourage them to tweet as well so to also get a shout-out that friends and family could here as well.

One thing that I really would like to take on from this experience is their positive attitudes they present and reflect that in my own presenting as well as the way I speak and making my voice more clear for the audiences. Another would be having more of an unscripted discussions with my fellow presenters as I believe it connects the audiences more to ourselves as people and makes the way I talk on topics more genuine, whether it be a serious decision or a light-hearted chat.