Before the idea of this programme came about I had already gotten an interview with the founder of Monty’s bike hub. This was because I had met him before and arranged an interview knowing it would be a good idea for a future programme and in November 2018 the interview was used for a programme I created.

The programme itself was a large improvement in quality for me. I had slowed down the speed of which I spoke considerably and the overall content of the programme was of a better quality as well.

At the start I begin as host, introducing myself, the show and the other members. I introduced the next songs and the following segment of the up coming children in need, handing the show of to Jade.

After then I announced the next songs followed by Joe with his segment which ended with shout-outs to students. the next following songs finished to my segment on Monty’s bike hub, including the interview. After I ended the programme and thanked the audience for listening.