On November 2018 I joined Joe on his weekly political show. This show included a ‘comic relief’ segment which I provided and a more serious talk on politics. Keeping in mind of our audience which politics doesn’t conventionally appeal to them.

The show was hosted by Joe and began with a talk on the voting system and brexit. These long periods of talking were broken up by songs. Later on I joined Joe for a discussion on the representations of Theresa May and Boris Johnson, our commentary led to many tweets on @ItchenRadio twitter page with many images of Mr Tumble.

After this began my segment on the strange moments by politicians, including Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. This went well as I have improved the speed of which I speak by pacing myself more which compared to my first programme has greatly improved.

One thing I could have added to Improve this piece would be to give listeners more facts and statistics on the topics and opinions i brought forward as to give a sense of authority and knowledge on the subject.

To finish off my segment I introduced the first part of the interview conducted by Joe which was split into two as the full interview would have been too long for audiences.