On December 2018 I hosted the last programme of the year celebrating Christmas. The Itchen radio team were all going to be on the show and the best way to organise this was by having a rotation of people through out the show. When new people entered we discussed a few Christmas based topics and their chosen Christmas song for the show.

The show begins with myself and co-host Aiden. We introduce the show and what we’ll be doing today. after this we speak with one of our team members, asking what is their favourite part about Christmas, what song they chose and why. This layout was repeated with each team member and song for the whole programme.

The layout was different than usual because of the amount of people who were on the show and the amount of songs played. During the chats we kept the energy up since the topic was so cheerful and reflecting the happiness represented in the songs.

One thing I wish I had done in this programme was to speak up a bit more as I felt my co-host was doing more of the talking and I wished to bring my own personality into the programme rather than only replying to comments made by him and our team.