On February 2019 I hosted a programme for Itchen radio focusing on the early 2000s and the popular music at the time. The show featured topics surrounding artists like Avril Lavigne and relevant programmes and culture surrounding my age group like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.


The show began with my introduction and the first song of the show. Following this I introduced one of my co-hosts discussing the previous song played, it’s relevance to the early 2000s and our memories associated with it. These questions were repeated for each song and with both of my co-hosts.

On the songs I chose I brought information about the artist themselves and the strange facts about them and their song.

Some trouble happened with the programme as a new student was operating the soundboard which meant some songs were played in the wrong areas and the theme tunes were mixed up. This was resolved by apologising and correcting the songs for the end of the programme.

I ended off the show with the final song and a small amount of information surrounding it, it’s relevance to the 2000s and our memories associated with it.