In March 2019 I was asked to be a part of a business programme for Itchen radio. I was asked in the morning and the show was that afternoon. The show was hosted by another classmate who secured an interview with the CEO of Greggs.

This programme was unplanned but I feel it was successful as there were many unscripted discussion parts that allowed me to speak freely and give me confidence when speaking in my own segment.

My segment was on little business vs big business and the new government aims for improving local economies as well as levelling the playing field for little businesses against bigger cooperation and TNCs. The information I gathered for this segment was sourced from a Guardian article and a similar BBC article. I would have liked to go more in-depth with research but due to the time constraints I was unable to do so.

What I will take from this experience is that writing a script under time pressure causes many mispronunciations of names and information as I wasn’t able to truly practice before hand, though I attempted to pronounce them with confidence as to conceal the mispronunciation.