In March 2019 Myself and two other classmates were asked to host the afternoon show in the morning it was to be broadcasted. this short deadline caused slight issues as there was no topics planned and no vox-pops or interviews prepared, because of this we quickly discussed plans which revolved around latest news and events. We also talked about topics of interest for ourselves which brought up music and movies. I decided to make the topic about reviews so that both my co-hosts would have an opportunity to talk about their individual interests whilst I hosted the shows.

The overall show was a success considering that it was such short notice but the main issues with the show were the pauses in between speaking and how it was filled with ‘umms’. This is something I wish to avoid as it sounds unprofessional and I need to get out of the habit of.

The show itself was based around small talks between hosts and the topics which each host had researched. I introduced songs and my co-hosts during their segments. Later on I referenced a tweet to Itchen Radios twitter from a student asking us to play a song as well as send wishes for his birthday. One thing I wish I had said was If other students wish for call outs or particular songs to be played then they should tweet us @Itchen radio.

To end off the show my co-host introduced the last songs as I had left the studio for a Mock Exam which took place as they finished the programme.