On the 2nd May 2019 I hosted a programme for Itchen radio. This is a show I had planned beforehand with one of my classmates and I believe it was successful in what I wanted to achieve. I set out to create a show that talked about university and the many uncertainties and worries student at Itchen college have for there future as university students.

I began the programme by introducing what we’d be talking about in the broadcast and introducing who I was with, then going onto introduce a song. After this I talked about facts and information relevant to the subject and also asked my co-host how he felt about certain aspects of what I had said. The programme was partly scripted but mostly freely spoken as I wished for the programme to be informal so to relate to the audience and also factual to actually gain something from listening to the programme.

This programme also contained some personal experience as I chose to talk about my experience through UCAS and choosing to commute to university. This I felt was relevant to the first year students who would be applying to university soon.

We also talked about accommodation with both positives and negatives. finally talking about rejection/conditional/unconditional offers which my co-host felt was important to talk about as to make future applicants aware to not be down hearted if they are rejected or do not get the offer they wanted from the university of choice.