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Extinction Rebellion protest airport expansion

ON NOVEMBER 9th, Climate activists marched in protest of airport plans to expand its runway requiring twenty-seven trees to be cut down in.

Extension rebellion protesters began the march at Southampton Airport in Marlhill Copse, the woodland for the proposed expansion. Walking to the civic centre containing Southampton city council.

Campaigners stated: “no airport expansion in a climate emergency. Extinction rebellions second demand is carbon neutral by 2025, the science is clear we have to stop the burning of fossil fuels, not increase it. Already the effects of climate change are devastating lives across the planet and if we want to avoid a global temperature of above 1.5 degrees we have to act locally to stand up against big polluters and unsustainable growth.”

Neil Garwood, director of Southampton airport stated in an interview with the BBC: “I agree that Passenger confidence, consumer confidence does seem lower and we are seeing that as far as slightly softer booking scores this year, but I agree as well that infrastructure and investment is critical.”

Councillor Steve Leggett stated on the issue in a council meeting: “When this planning application is made publicly available, we will also be able to scrutinise these documents… we will also take into account comments made by citizens.”

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