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Local candidates meet with young voters

SOUTHAMPTON Itchen candidates arrived yesterday to speak with students as the upcoming general election nears closer.

Solent University held the hustings event on the 28th of November to give students the opportunity to question candidates that are running in the upcoming general election with the vote on the 12th.

Candidates from Liberal Democrats, Labour, UKIP, Green Party, and Conservatives answer and discuss with students their aims if elected. Conservative candidate and previously elected MP, Royston Smith said: “infrastructure is needed so the city works, so the economy works.” As well as referring to housing and homelessness explaining a need for estate regeneration.

Simon Letts, labour candidate said: “Everybody that steps out on the streets will see the issue with homelessness which is the tip of homelessness.” explaining the need for investment in mental health and addiction services. Speaking on the environment: “climate change which is a far bigger issue than Brexit.”

Green parties plan to become carbon-neutral by 2030 explained by the candidate, Osman Sen-Chadun was supported by the liberal-democrats. The liberal-democrats New-Forest west candidate and stand-in for candidate Liz Jarvis, Jack Davies said on the matter of Brexit, saying: “Brexit will make us poorer and less influential.”

UKIP candidate, Kim Rose stated: “17.4 million people voted to leave the EU. This isn’t about Brexit it’s about democracy.” Royston stated: “you can remove me from office with a simple cross in a box which you can’t do with the EU.”

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