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Southampton opens clock tower doors for public tours

ON NOVEMBER 1st, 2019 Southampton’s civic centre home to Southampton city council, sea-city museum, art gallery, and the library opened the city’s historic clock tower to the public to climb the towers two hundred plus steps.

The Tower once referred to as Kimber’s Chimney after the former mayor, Sidney Kimber, who pioneered the building of the Civic Centre created the tower in the aim of being visible around the entirety of the city at the time, however as Southampton has expanded and high-rise developments have been built those aims of the creation of the tower has been undermined.

Tours of the tower run on the first of every month as an opportunity for locals to look at a part of the heritage of Southampton. The tour guide of this event, Nick Baker on the significance of the clock tower he said: “They wanted it to become a focal point as an iconic structure in the city so everybody could always see.”

The learning and Engagement officer at Southampton City Council, Andrew Skinner said on the importance of historical tours like the clock towers: “if you know where you’ve come from, so if you know the stories of the identity of a place then you have a bit more ownership on who you are.”


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